Women’s White House Retreat August 9 – 12, 2018

All women of the parish are invited to the St. Elizabeth Women’s White House Retreat in 2018.  Don’t miss out this year in the spiritual and physical renewal benefits for every woman who makes a retreat.

South of St. Louis on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and the rich farm land to the east are 75 acres of beautiful grounds. A perfect setting for the Lord’s gift of peace.

White House retreats offer comfort to retreatants on their silent journey with the Lord. On your journey you will hear instructive talks by the retreat director. You have the opportunity for private conferences with the Jesuit staff, daily mass, the sacraments of reconciliation and anointing of the sick. The director and staff are always available.

Testimonials from those making past retreats:

“It helps me to become a better person,” “It helped me to find direction in my life,” “I feel a closeness to God and find it much easier to pray and talk with Him.”

Our retreat begins on Thursday, August 9th and ends on Sunday, August 12th. For more information and/or sign-up, call Helen Ingold at 604-1792.