Washers Tournament 10-4-14

We are excited to announce that the 2014 Fall Festival will include a WASHERS TOURNAMENT!

The first record of something similar to the game we call Washers today was discovered in Sumerian relics dating back to 3600 BC. The game was initially played in “pits” much like we play horseshoes today.

However, as civilizations evolved and building materials became more available, the game took on the portable back-yard look we see today played on either inclined boards or in boxes (some still play in pits). Our tournament will be played in boxes.

Washers is a game suited for a wide range of ages, and is a GREAT way to get to know new people (or just heckle people you already know)…so register to play by email below  or calling Joan at the Rectory at 314-968-0760.

Registration is $10/team in advance, and $15/team the day of the event.

All money will be collected the day of the event, and the winning team will split the registration money 50/50 with the parish! The showdown starts at High Noon, Saturday, October 4th!